70% Sea Island Cotton – 30% Baby Cashmere

Nm. 2/95.000 – Nm. 3/95.000

Never settle. This is the philosophy behind our Baby Island. Not only cashmere: in order to produce this article, we have chosen the even more precious baby cashmere.

The hircus goats or, as they are more commonly known, the cashmere-goats, live in a vast area of central Asia, but it is at the heart of Chinese Mongolia, at a staggering altitude of 4000 metres, that these animals really give their best, producing a wool which is extremely soft and sought-after.

baby island montagna
baby island goat

And adult goat’s wool is already exceptional, but even more so the wool of its little ones. Light and soft, these fibres can reach 13 micron, whereas the ones from an adult goat reach about 14-15.

Its production is extremely scarce. A young goat can only be shorn once, when it is more or less six months of age, and it does not yield more than 80 grams of wool, which then boil down to 30 grams once the coarser fibres are eliminated.

baby island goats
baby island cotton

To one of the finest cashmeres in the world we could only pair a cotton just as high-quality: the legendary Sea Island cotton. The end result is a unique yarn, delicate and impalpable, a veil of astounding softness.

The long Sea Island fibres are combined with the just as exceptional fibres which come from the young hircus goats, to extraordinary results: a one-of-a-kind yarn, unique in the whole world.