100% Sea Island Cotton

Nm. 2/100.000 – Nm. 3/100.000

Pure and simple Sea Island cotton: the most precious cotton fibre existing, the one we have always associated Emilcotoni name (and soul) to​.


Every year approximately 110 million bales of cotton are produced worldwide, of which only 130 are of the Sea Island variety. An extremely limited production, confined only to the islands of Barbados and Jamaica, which offer ideal growing conditions for this marvellous kind of cotton, thanks to their ever temperate climate.

sea island map
sea island cotone

Every detail about the Sea Island cotton reveals its extraordinary characteristics. Its fibres can be as long as 40 millimetres and are shinier, finer and more resistant than any other kind in the world.

This cotton’s history has very ancient roots and it evokes a long lost world of vast plantations and long transoceanic trips. From the moment the Sea Island first appeared in Europe it never ceased to conquer hearts and entice the palate of the most refined gentlemen.

cotton history
emilcotoni sea island cotton

The Sea Island cotton has always been used for making fine shirts, but Emilcotoni was the first company to use it for outer knitwear as well. The know-how we have acquired through years of experience enables us to get from some of the most noble cotton fibres in the world, cotton yarns which are just as precious.

This is how the Emilcotoni Sea Island yarns are born: exceptional fibres combined with thirty years of experience, research and passion.