85% Sea Island Cotton – 15% Vicuña

Nm. 4/120.000

A product that tells about Emilcotoni pursuit of excellence. The Sea Island Vicuna combines the best cotton in the world with the best wool in the world, for a yarn that knows no equal.

Up high on the incredible heights of the Andean Plateau lives the smallest camelid known to men. The vicuña’s precious fleece has been famous since ancient time. The Inca called it the gods’ fleece and only used it to weave the imperial family’s clothes.

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Centuries of savage exploitation have driven the vicuña to the edge of extinction. Only from the Seventies onwards did the South American governments decide to create natural reserves to preserve the species.

Even finer than the baby cashmere fibres (11 micron as opposed to the 13 typical of baby cashmere) vicuña wool is extremely rare. One animal can only be sheared once every two years and it only yields about 250 grams of wool.

sea island vicuna fibres
sea island vicuna mixture

We could not marry such an extraordinarily high-quality wool to anything but an equally astounding cotton. This is why we have spun together in an intimate mixture the vicuña wool and the Sea Island cotton fibres. The Andes and the Caribbean: a surprising and exceptional mix.

From this fortunate union, the Sea Island Vicuña was born: an exclusive Emilcotoni item, concrete proof of its constant research for raw materials which are unique in all the world.