70% Sea Island Cotton – 30% Seta

Nm. 3/100.000

From the East to the West of the world, two exceptional high-quality fibres arrive in front of us. Emilcotoni has hand-picked them and matched them together, creating something which would have surprised even the rulers of the Celestial Empire.

Always travelling on the lookout for the best fibres in the world, Emilcotoni has visited every corner of the globe. Made out of Sea Island cotton and mulberry silk, the Sea Silk has at its core two of the greatest treasures we have managed to unearth during our travels.

sea silk map
sea silk china

Legend has it that it was invented by the famous Chinese Empress Xi Ling Shi, who lived at the beginning of the third millennium B.C. What we know for certain is that the origins of sericulture date back to the beginning of time, taking us back to an archaic and mysterious China.

It is not only elegant and luminous, silk also has some key characteristics that make it particularly suitable to being in contact with our skin. For our Sea Silk we use the mulberry variety, one of the finest kinds in the world due to its fine, light and very regular fibre.

sea silk nature
sea silk bruco

To better enhance each of these fibres’ signature traits, we have chosen a ply by ply construction process, with two Sea Islands plies being twisted together with a single silk ply. This way we can perfectly balance and harmonize the softness of the Sea Island with the glossy quality of the mulberry silk.

It is a one-of-a-kind yarn: soft as only the Sea Island can be, and at the same time luminous and with a very specific sweet hand-feel, thanks to us using a silk of undisputable high-quality.