Born in Piacenza in 1987, since its inception Emilcotoni specializes in the creation, production and selling of cotton yarns for knitwear. There is an ambitious end goal to guide its actions: to focus on the best raw materials in the world, so as to be able to create yarns such as no one has ever seen before in the industry. This is how the precious Sea Island cotton was discovered.

If up to a certain point this fibre had been destined only to make fine shirts, thanks to its instinct Emilcotoni decided to use it for outer knitwear as well. From that initial intuition twenty years have passed and what was originally a gamble has transformed itself into a solid certainty. Unique and one of the kind, the Emilcotoni yarns are in high demand from the most exclusive names of the international fashion industry for the production of the best knitwear on the market.

Attention to quality, but also creativity, research and a careful supervision over the entire production line: these are Emilcotoni’s strenghts, which have always been pillars of its identity and make it well-known both in Italy and in the whole world.

To all of the above we have added an ethical and environmental conscience which shines through our daily actions, big and small. Our cogent Ethical Code and the many certificates we have acquired, all speak to a concrete and in-depth supervision over the whole of the production chain. With our eyes to the future, we continue on the only path we believe in: a path where sustainability and high-quality merge together in an inseparable unit.

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